Symmetry Surgical is a surgical instrumentation and solutions company with a rich legacy of trusted brand, quality, innovation and customer service – supporting all surgical specialties and sites of care.

Proprietary innovation protected by 166 patents and ongoing surgeon development.
  • Bookwalter® Retractors
    - Lightweight accessories to reduce set weight
    - Rotilt® ratchets provide virtually unlimited flexibility in blade placement
  • Symmetry Sharp Kerrison® - detachable tips designed to provide a sharp instrument every time for precise cutting in spine procedures
  • Rapid Clean®- more than 100 take-apart Kerrisons and laparoscopic instruments designed to allow for thorough cleaning, sterilization and lubrication
  • Midas Touch® – non-stick ceramic metallic coating to reduce risk of forceps sticking

Renowned Instrument Craftsmanship
Symmetry Surgical’s high-quality instrumentation is manufactured to U.S. and German standards, in strict compliance with detailed specifications and drawings. All suppliers are required to maintain ISO 13485 certification and register with the FDA.

Symmetry Surgical conforms to AAMI, ASTM, ISO and ANSI standards and is audited regularly to ensure compliance with the foregoing standards, and all applicable internal quality and regulatory standards and procedures.

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