Who We Are

As a leading healthcare company, Symmetry Surgical develops, manufactures, and markets high-quality surgical instrumentation and solutions that meet clinician needs to positively impact the lives of patients and the economics of surgical care. Symmetry Surgical maintains a portfolio of trusted brands with a legacy of fine craftsmanship and innovation spanning more than 180 years. Our broad portfolio of single-use, limited-use, and reusable surgical instruments and electrosurgery products, sold through both a U.S. direct sales force as well as a robust global distribution network, are used in every surgical specialty in hospitals, surgery centers, and physician offices around the world.

We are driven to exceed our customers’ expectations, because we understand the importance of their work – and are proud partners in helping them deliver superior care. Our expertise, premier service and quality stem from the integration of several industry-leading companies, including:
  • The specialized stainless steel and titanium surgical instrument portfolio acquired from Codman and Shurtleff, Inc. (established 1838)
  • Specialty Surgical Instrumentation, Inc. (established 1976)
  • Olsen Medical, LLC (established 1880)
  • The Bovie® electrosurgery portfolio from Bovie Medical (established 1978)


Our History