Quad-Lock®: Sterile and Secure

The Quad-Lock® Sterilization Container is a customizable container used to securely store sterilized surgical instruments, maintaining the sterile field and allowing for convenient transportation. The Quad-Lock® system consists of:



Container Base: available in either a solid or filter bottom and in a number of heights and lengths, with ergonomic handles that protect from pinching, secure stacking feet, and standard slots for indicator cards and name plates.




Wire Basket: this sturdy lightweight basket is available in a multitude of sizes to perfectly accommodate any instrument set, and has handles that can stop at 90° or slide out of the way for easy instrument access.



Wire Base: available in half, three-quarter, or full length and used with every filter bottom container base, the wire base allows for proper sterilization and air circulation by preventing instruments, protective mats, and baskets from touching the bottom of the container.



Protective Mat: protects the most delicate instruments, available in three sizes, and when paired with a Wire Base, allows large objects to be placed directly into the Container Base without using a basket.



Filter Lid: this four-latch lid features a specially molded design to avoid warping without adding weight, has deep-seated grooves for secure stacking, and utilizes a patent-pending Quad-Lock design for reliable lid attachment. Available in three sizes and six colors.




Security Lids: with lightweight durability from its anodized aluminum construction, the security lid provides an additional layer of protection for the filter, has deep seated grooves for secure stacking, and uses self-attaching ‘drop-on’ latches to ensure security.





Other accessories: ergonomic handle grips that protect from excess heat, aluminum nameplates, single-use filters, and single-use security seals.