The Vesolock® Polymer Ligation System

Symmetry Surgical’s Vesolock® ligation clips are engineered to provide maximum security when locked onto tissue for ligation. Enhanced security features include well-defined teeth within the clip that are designed to be up to 50% taller than other polymer ligation clips to decrease lateral slippage.

Symmetry Surgical’s Vesolock® clips also feature the industry-leading V-shaped tipped locking mechanism as well as a V-shaped outer curve of clip. These features are specifically designed for easier closing, latching and pushing through connective tissue. 

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Vesolock® Polymer Ligation System

 • Advanced polymer clip design  
 • Additional teeth in clip for increased security  
 • Designed for effortless clip loading and locking

Polymer Ligating Clips

    Part Number Vessel/Tissue
Bundle Diameter
Clip Size Clips/Cartridge Cartridges/Box
    41114V 2-7mm Medium 6 14
    51114V 3-10mm Large 6 14
    61114V 5-13mm Large 6 14
    71114V 7-16mm Extra Large 6 14

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