Symmetry VersaGrip is a unique laparoscopic instrument that has been ergonomically designed with surgeon performance in mind to offer custom fit and dynamic response.

Symmetry VersaGrip has two major advantages over traditional instruments:

  • Its unique handle has the ability to be repositioned intraoperatively.
  • It provides a customized handle fit through its 3 unique handle sizes.

Two-piece modular device and multiple instrument patterns:

The Symmetry VersaGrip reusable handle includes a two-piece modular design and compatibility to fit dissectors, scissors and graspers - a versatile laparoscopic handle for every laparoscopic surgery.

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“One size fits all” instruments don’t fit all glove sizes:

Traditional handle designs are one-size-fits-all, which effectively means it correctly fits very few. Symmetry VersaGrip offers handle sizes that correspond to glove sizes, which creates a custom fit and helps to decrease muscle fatigue and improve comfort.

Dynamically Shift Positions Intraoperatively:

Limited ability to change grip positioning mid-surgery with traditional lap handles can cause muscle and joint fatigue or pain. Symmetry VersaGrip however, can dynamically reposition intraoperatively to accommodate the most comfortable and ergonomically correct position to accomplish the task at hand.