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The Trendelenburg O.R. Table Pad is an innovation in patient positioning, providing confidence to the surgeon and staff that the patient will remain immobile.  Ideal for, but not limited to: robot-assisted and laparoscopic GYN, Urological, Thoracic, and General surgical procedures. Learn more about the Trendelenburg O.R. Table Pad

  The Lateral Positioning Pillow supports the patient's head for safe, reliable lateral positioning. This two-part pillow has a firm, adjustable base that is anatomically angled to maintain the cervical spine in a neutral position. Learn more about the Lateral Positioning Pillow

Lateral Positioning Pillow (Left), Universal Supine/Prone Positioning Pillow (Right)


The Universal Supine/Prone Positioning Pillow addresses the two key issues that occur when positioning patients prone: maintaining a neutral cervical spine and protecting the face and eyes.  The bottom two layers can be removed so the pillow can be used in the supine position for induction. Learn more about the Universal Supine/Prone Positioning Pillow


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